You can help prisoners get their stimulus payments! image

You can help prisoners get their stimulus payments!

Help fund this project for prisoners in Illinois

$14,282 raised

$15,000 goal

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Prisoners deserve their stimulus checks

UPDATE: Kind people like you, who care about prisoners, have funded our mailing to over 35,000 people in IL Department of Corrections, so the prisoners can get their stimulus money!

But we still need your help. We are continuing to collect donations to pay for:

  • gas and lodging for volunteers collecting completed forms from the prisons
  • postage to mail the forms to the IRS
  • the salaries of our staff who coordinated this mailing, and continue to field phone calls and emails about the stimulus payments.

A recent ruling means that prisoners are eligible for coronavirus stimulus money. But to let them know how to file with the IRS to get it, Uptown People's Law Center is sending an urgent mailing to all 35,000 prisoners in Illinois.

Obviously, we didn't have "mailing about coronavirus stimulus payments" in our budget for 2020! We are hoping that you, our community of people who care about prisoners, will come through to help make it happen.

Prisoners deserve this money, just like anyone else in the US. And they need it. Almost none of them have jobs, yet all have to pay for soap, phone calls, postage, and more.

Your support really makes a difference! Any money raised over our goal will go towards our work fighting for prisoners' rights. Thank you!